Pest Control Services in Flower Mound, TX

Pest Control Services in Flower Mound, TX


Fleas are blood-feeding parasites that primarily infest dogs and cats, but can also infest birds and other mammals. These external parasites are one of the most common medical problems veterinarians encounter. Many pets suffer from severe allergic reactions to flea bites, resulting in itching that can lead to skin wounds and infections. Fleas also carry serious diseases, such as tapeworms and bartonellosis (the cause of cat scratch disease).

These tiny critters can be difficult to spot because they spend most of their time in dense clumps of grass or hay, hiding in the dark. A complete eradication of a flea infestation requires professional pest control services in Flower Mound TX that know how to get to all the nooks and crannies where these parasites hide.

Intestinal parasites, such as giardia and coccidia, are also common in pets. These one-celled organisms can be passed from animal to pet or from person to animal through contaminated water. Fortunately, there are medications that kill intestinal parasites and prevent them from infecting pets. Community Pet Outreach can help you choose the right medication based on your pet’s risk factors and health status.


Sphecius speciosus, commonly known as the cicada killer wasp, is a large, solitary digger wasp species in the crabronid family that preys on cicadas. Its common name refers to its preferred quarry, and it is also called the cicada hawk.

Female cicada killer wasps search tree trunks and lower limbs for cicadas and dig holes to capture them, provisioning each cell with two or three cicadas before sealing it. These burrows are often found in sandy, bare soil exposed to full sunlight.

The bright green, spongy growths you may see on oak trees are galls created by the female wasp. As the wasp lays her eggs, she secretes a chemical that causes the leaf or stem to swell, creating a home for the growing larva.

Unlike honeybees, wasps are not aggressive and will only be a nuisance around your house if they have taken up residence in a wall, roof, chimney, soffit, or water meter box. They can be easily controlled by spraying nest openings with Sevin, provided the correct safety precautions are followed.


Ants are one of the most common pests encountered by our clients. Fortunately, there are effective ways to control these annoying insects. We start by broadcasting a fire ant bait that has the potential to reduce the number of mounds by 80-90%. Follow-up treatments include individual mound treatment using a contact insecticide such as carbaryl (Sevin) or acephate or bifenthrin. Be sure to read the product label for specific use instructions.

We offer Pest Control Services in Flower Mound TX, Prosper, The Colony & surrounding Texas communities. We also provide 2 early spring pre-emergent applications & a post-emergent application for lingering cool-season weeds. Our lawn treatment program is a great way to have the greenest, healthiest lawn in the neighborhood!

Justin Davis

Justin Davis